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Acrylic Optix Frosted

Acrylic Frost has a frosted additive incorporated throughout the sheet, providing an elegant textured surface on both sides. Frosted is the ideal choice for POP and store fixtures as it resists fingerprints, scratches and is virtually maintenance free. The material comes in two (2) thicknesses, .118” (3mm) and .220” (5.6mm).

Acrylic DP32

DP32 has a patterned texture on BOTH sides, similar to shower door, and patio table tops that are produced from glass. In fact DP32 is used as a replacement for glass shower door and outdoor tables due to breakage. DP32 has a 70% light transmission. This product is ideal for shelves, panel dividers, jalousie windows, patio table tops.

From 1/16” to 2”

Acrylic P95

P95 has a matte finish on one side that reduces reflective light. Obscures objects that are behind it but allows light through. Excellent for back lighting, partitions, POP displays, pantry doors.

Acrylic Non-Glare

Non Glare is an excellent material for picture framing. One-third the weight of glass, frames can be shipped without the worry of breakage. A durable alternative to glass, it has a matte finish while providing excellent optical quality.

Acrylic OP3

OP3 is a filtering UV material that protects fine artwork from damaging UV rays from natural and artificial light. It protects against fading and yellowing of artwork. Half the weigh of glass OP3 is ideal for framing of valuable paintings in galleries and museums as well as exhibits.

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